The ultimate riding shirt for the every day motorcyclist

In true Tobacco Motorwear fashion, the California Riding Shirt is lined with Dupont™ Kevlar® fibers to provide premium abrasion resistance, yet you'd never even know it was there.

Not too hot, not too cold

In Los Angles, we get plenty of days where it's not cold enough for a full jacket. And when it get's warm out, we see too many riders sporting a t-shirt, leaving themselves completely unprotected. This is where the Kevlar®-lined California Riding Shirt comes in.

Minimalist, classic, and tough as hell.

The California Riding Shirt is a perfect balance of functionality and style. The shell is crafted from premium, American made, 12oz canvas. We love the minimalist, rustic style and how it looks with our Tobacco jeans. Canvas also breathes extremely well to keep you cool when riding in the sun while still giving you a windbreak for those cooler night rides.

Kevlar® Lined to save your skin

Pound for pound, nothing protects your skin in a skid quite like 100% Dupont™ Kevlar®. Our linings are made from our own air-flow, interlock knit Kevlar®, and cover your shoulders, elbows, forearms upper back. Just like our jeans, the California Shirt is made right here in the USA and is built to last and to be worn.

Down to the small details

Along with full Kevlar® coverage, The California Riding Shirt features a moisture-wicking, bandana print lining, all the custom detailing you see in our jeans, and a hidden inner pocket perfect for stashing your phone while you ride.