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Motorcycle Jeans

Men's denim motorcycle jeans with lining made from Dupont™ Kevlar® Fibers that look and feel so good,  you'll want to wear them even when you aren't riding, and will save your skin when things go sideways.

Road Rash Sucks

We started Tobacco for one reason, and one reason only–we were sick and tired of trying to find riding jeans that looked good and still protected us. We don't think you should have to compromise between pants that look good and pants that keep your body safe on the road.  Our motorcycle jeans for men are american made, handcrafted and built to last all while designed to look good in any casual or street setting. If you're in the marketing for some mens riding jeans we are 100%  positive you will be happy with your purchase. We ride in our moto jeans daily. Buy don't just take our word for it let us prove it to you.

1. They'll protect your assets.

When it comes to riding gear, style without substance is a mess waiting to happen. Tobacco's linings are made from Dupont™ Kevlar® Fibers fitted to protect your most vulnerable areas, covering you from your waist, over your knees, to your shins in front; and covering your rear-end behind.

  When it really hits the fan, Tobaccos will keep your skin on you and off the road.

2. They look really, really good.​

Safety? Check. But do they look awesome?

You bet your ass they do. Tobaccos eliminate bulkiness, bunching, and hideous stitching that plague most riding jeans. We hide the Dupont™ Kevlar® lining under rustic raw selvedge denim.  Our jeans look and feel like the high-fashion denim you wear every day. You won't even realize you're wearing body armor until your actually need it.

3. Made in the USA

We proudly make Tobaccos in Los Angeles, CA–the denim capital of the world. Not only does this help us ensure a higher-quality product, that we personally quality control, but it also means we are directly supporting local craftsmen and contractors.  

Our jeans are modeled after classic American brands like Levi's® and Lee®.  From the old-school selvedge denim, to the genuine leather patch, Tobaccos are built to endure every mile you put them through.