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Buying clothing online can be stressful!  To relieve some of that stress, know that we want to get you into the perfect pair of Tobaccos.  If that means we swap them out for a different size after you get them delivered then we will do that.  If you don’t absolutely love them then shoot us an email and we will get you into a pair you love.

Now, having said that, let’s try and get the right size the first time, so you can get out there riding!  This guide is divided up by product, so scroll down to the part that pertains to the product you are interested in.


PLEASE, don’t just order the same size you wear in every other brand of jeans.  Even if you have worn a size 34 for 25 years, double check with our measurements here and make sure you are getting the right size.

We are going to take a couple things into account to get you the perfect pair of Tobaccos, just like you like them.  It doesn’t matter if you like you pants a little tighter or with a more relaxed fit.

1) Measure your waist.  Measure against your skin or underwear right at where you wear the waist of your jeans.  (Don’t panic, this number will be bigger than your size.  The number of inches your waist measures, is usually 2-3 inches bigger than your size, so if you wear size 32 jeans, you probably measure about 34 inches around your waist).


    (For example if you measure your waist and you get 36.5” you might be ok with a size 35. )

    2) Ok, so you have now measured your waist and you converted your waist measurement into a “labeled size” using the chart above.  This isn’t the end of your quest to pick the right size.  We are much closer, but we have to take a couple things into account.  Think about the size you normally wear.  Is it up or down one size from what you got from our size chart?  If it's more than one size off then double check your measurements.  If you are 2 or more sizes off it’s not unheard off, it's just worth a double check.

    3) Think about how you like your jeans to fit. Chances are, when you measure and use the chart to convert to a “labeled size”, you will be in between sizes.  If you like your jeans with a more relaxed fit with some room, then opt for the bigger size.  If you like your jeans to fit more like a slim jean then go down.  In our opinion, Tobaccos were designed to look their best when they are worn as a slim jean. This doesn’t mean they are a skinny jean!  This means that they will look like a custom tailored pair of jeans.

    4) Take into account what happens over the life of the jean.  Tobaccos are made from raw selvedge denim.  Raw denim feels really stiff at first, but will loosen up over the first couple weeks.  We always like the jeans to fit just a tiny bit snug when you first put them on.  When they relax they will become your new favorite pair of jeans!  After the first wash they will shrink up just a tiny bit, but wearing them will get them back to where they were before the wash. (just a note, the denim is overdyed so it will bleed quite a bit the first wash.  This doesn't affect the color of the jeans, but the dye could stain lighter colored clothing if washed together in the washing machine.  This is on reason why you should never wash your Tobaccos in the washing machine.  Really, you shouldn’t be washing any of your jeans in the washing machine, ever.  Soak them in the tub and hang dry them.  But i digress)

    5) Hopefully this all helps you confidently decided on a size.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email or call.


    Now with your knew knowledge of our fit and sizing, check out our full line of protective riding apparel.

    Examples 1: Model is 5’10”, 185 lbs, 33.5” waist.  Wearing a size 32

    Example 2: Model is 6’3” 190 lbs, 34.5” waist, wearing a size 33


    These are much easier than the jeans to size, but same offer stands, if you get it and it doesn’t fit perfectly we will swap it out for a better size.

    The size you wear in other jackets and T-Shirts is a really good indication of what size you should order in your Riding Shirt.

    Below is the size chart.  A very important note is that these are dimensions of the riding shirt iteslf, not the body it fits, If you measure yourself and match up your measurements with the chart and order that sze your riding shirt will fit skin tight.

    Note: If you have a broad back or shoulders,  the Riding Shirt will fit a little tight across the upper back.  Keep this in mind when thinking about how far you reach your arms to reach the handlebars.


    The model in this photo is 6’3” and 200lbs

    We are in the middle of redesigning our whole line of women’s jeans.  We will release a size guide here when we get them in stock and ready to sell. For now, the size chart is the best help on size ordering.


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      Looking forward to the new ladies jeans, I hope you are making some for us bigger gals who love to ride!

    • Posted on by WIlliam

      What about Big & Tall men. We like to look good too!! (PLEASE DO NOT POST MY EMAIL ADDRESS)

    • Posted on by George

      I wear 32 levis, 34 tobaccos were a perfect fit.

    • Posted on by pompeyo castro

      any store near vallejo or sfo where i can check and fit pants

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