Premium quality, American made, motorcycle clothing, apparel & accessories engineered to save your ass without sacrificing style.

Be Safer

All it takes to send you sliding across the grinding asphalt is a teenager and a text message in the car next to you You put your body on the line every time you saddle up, and if your gear isn't up for the challenge, it's useless. Tobaccos are lined with a comfortable protective layer made from 100% Dupont™ Kevlar® Fibers in all the most crucial spots—from waist to shins in front and covering your rump behind.

If you take a spill, Tobaccos will help save your skin, literally.

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Look Better

Motorcycle gear you want wear every day is hard to find. Tobacco means you'll never have to sacrifice style and comfort for safety ever again. The slim-straight cut is a classic look that never goes out of style. Made from raw, selvedge denim they look amazing to begin with and get better as you break them in. Our protective lining is incorporated directly into the natural construction of our jeans so you won't have to deal with any ugly cross seams or bulky padding. Tobaccos look and feel like the kickass jeans you'll want to wear even when you aren’t riding.

To put it simply, Tobaccos are the best looking riding jeans out there.

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USA Made

OK, forever is a long time. But these jeans are built to last years and take everything you throw at them day after day. MADE IN AMERICA means quality, and we can personally ensure every pair is up to that standard. Tobaccos are built to keep you riding strong with Selvedge denim as raw as you are. This is heavy, old school denim and heritage canvas made like they used to be, before the days of today’s disposable jeans that start falling apart and looking worse with each wear. Over the years, through mud, sweat, dirt and grease, your Tobaccos will become a second skin, perfectly conforming to your body.

If you aren’t satisfied after trying a pair of Tobaccos, send them back and we will be happy to refund your money.

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Andrew Wiertalla

“So I was out last week, on a sunny day riding my chopper. Riding in style wearing some blue Tobacco jeans. My front brake locks up and I go sliding across that warm blacktop. The only thought I had was, ‘at least I’m wearing my Tobaccos.’ I just wanted to say thank you for making such an awesome product and literally saving my ass. The jeans are also no worse for wear. I’ll never ride without them."

Gareth Roberts

"I've tried out a few pairs of reinforced jeans over the last couple of years, so when I took delivery of my Tobaccos I was curious to see what these had to offer. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. [They are] handsome, tough and durable, but comfortable from the outset. The most striking factor is how well these fit. These jeans are tough and ready to work. They are a well designed pair of jeans, period."

Jim Donnellan

"The attention to detail is what you’d expect from a premium clothing manufacturer. Well constructed with nice touches. I’ve ridden for pleasure and for work and my Tobaccos have been on every ride since they arrived at my doorstep. Initially, I was concerned the jeans would be too heavy with the lining made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fibers. However, I quickly learned these wear like a regular pair of Levi’s. After well over 1000 miles on the bike, I wholeheartedly recommend Tobacco Motorwear jeans."

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Common Questions

How do I know what size to order?

Please visit our detailed size guide and take the time to measure properly. A little time now will save you a lot later.

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the world. Shipping charges for most places are very reasonable.

Why Kevlar® Lining?

Tobacco makes motorcycle apparel that is safe and stylish. Kevlar® is an amazing fiber that is resistant to abrasion, puncture and heat. Our lining will help protect you in a slide and won't melt while other aramid fibers will.

What is Selvedge Denim?

Selvedge refers to the tightly woven edge of the denim fabric, the self-edge can be seen on the outside leg seam and featured on our coin pocket. Selvedge denim is a mark of superior quality and durability.

What is your Exchange and Return Policy?

We can exchange any unworn, unwashed Tobacco product. If something doesn't fit or you find a defect, ship it back and we will ship you a replacement. You may return unworn, unwashed products, or factory defective products for a full refund, excluding shipping, within 60 days of purchase.

Ride with Tobacco