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Never Sacrifice Style for Safety

The gear designed to save your ass doesn't need to look awful. We founded Tobacco based on one simple idea—that you shouldn't have to compromise with your motorwear. That means looking awesome and staying safe on or off your bike without bringing a second change of clothes. You really can have it all, and we're going to prove it.

Why You'll Love Our Tobaccos

1. They'll save your ass.

Riding gear that puts style above safety isn't riding gear—it's a disaster waiting to happen. Tobaccos have a lining made from Dupont™ Kevlar® Fibers in all the most crucial spots, from your waist to your shins in front and behind the knees in back.

Next time you take an unexpected spill, you'll be tearing cotton instead of skin.

2. They look damn good.

The next most important component of quality riding jeans is that they look as good as possible. Well, mission accomplished. Tobaccos have no bulky padding or ugly seams and stitching. The lining made of Dupont™ Kevlar® Fibers is incorporated without being highlighted, with the end result being a pair of pants you won't be embarrassed to wear in public.

3. They're built to last.

The only thing worse than buying an ugly, ill-fitting pair of jeans is buying a pair of pants that falls apart after a few weeks. Tobaccos are crafted from Selvedge and bull denim that remain form-fitting but incredibly comfortable, even when you're rocketing down the highway.

Oh, and did we mention our jeans are 100% Made in America? It's the only way we know how to guarantee their quality, and it's a promise to our supporters and future customers we take very seriously.

4. You won't need to sell your ride to afford a pair.

Not everyone wants to shell out $600 for a pair of pants (we wouldn't). With that in mind, our jeans are made for the everyday consumer—real people who really love riding. You.

The age of overpriced motorwear is over.