At Tobacco Motorwear Company, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for safety. We're dedicated to creating premium quality, American-made motorwear in classic styles that look awesome on and off your bike, and provide protection when you need it most.

As riders, we understand the benefits of protective clothing. Our helmets, jackets, boots and gloves have become far more than safety gear, but a part of our motorcycle lifestyle. With Tobaccos we wanted to create a jean to compliment that lifestyle as well as increase your protection.

After designing and refining our jeans (then dragging our founder behind a bike in a real ass-on-the-line road test), Tobaccos were ready for the world...but we had no idea what to expect in response.

We launched our Kickstarter with the goal of $20,000 to fund our first production run. Almost immediately the moto-world responded in a big way. We hit our goal in one week and ended our campaign raising six times our original goal, over $120,000.

This was quite a pleasant surprise, to say the least. Our project was posted on what we consider the best moto-blogs, websites and social media pages in the business.

When all was said and done we had exactly 501 backers, (a good number for a jeans brand) in 33 countries and orders continued to pour in.

Our backers, who we call BLDRs for their help building our company, played a huge part in making Tobacco Motorwear Company a success. We think of them as our friends and thank them for their support.

We will continue to make products that reflect our belief that life can be lived responsibly reckless.