The BLDR Series

Dedicated to anyone who has ever looked at a motorcycle and seen it as something more. 

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 A candid look into the garages and behind the scenes of eight different bike builders, each with a different style, approach and personality, that make their builds as unique as they are. A passion project four years in the making. Beautifully shot and scored.

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Here is what some people have said about it.

Refreshingly unpretentious. Well shot and produced. One of the best builder documentaries out there. 

by Zack Densley

I want to watch it again! This was motivational, funny, entertaining... Afterwards I was like, I'm gonna build a bike!

by Cecily Stroman

So much more than a movie about motorcycles. 

by Paul Vidmar

Fun to watch. I felt like I was getting to know each builder. 

by Matt Kunz

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