BLDR Podcast - Our NEW Showroom!

February 01, 2021 2 min read

BLDR Podcast - Our NEW Showroom!

This BLDR episode starts out a little rough.

​It’s just me and Andrew today. We moved both Tobacco & Pack Animal into a brand new warehouse this week!

But we don’t have our podcast studio set up yet... People were working around us as we recorded. You’ll hear them in the background.

You’ll also hear about all the cool things we’re doing at this new location. Like our first motorcycle ride of 2021. It starts at the new warehouse.

Then Andrew and I ramble a little bit. But there's always a few good stories (like the time I ended up in jail):

We talk business a little more and get into some old stories we’ve never told before. Some of the highlights included:

How to maximize your warehouse space (including the coolest part of our new warehouse).

  • What’s the biggest pain in the ass when moving a business.
  • How to hang a Yamaha XT600 from your ceiling.
  • When we're going to have a REAL store front that you can come visit.
  • Why you want to wear cowboy boots if you’re going to jail.
  • The things you do as a kid that you realize later were a really bad idea.
  • New products in development that we’re really excited about.

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What do you think about these “behind the scenes” episodes? We’re only 42 episodes in... we're still kind of building the plane as we fly. Comment below and let us know what you think. I want to make sure we're making great episodes for you every week!

Stay tuned,
Dave and Andrew

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