Boondocks - The Backstory

February 12, 2021 2 min read

Boondocks - The Backstory

When we were looking at all the requests for women's gear you've sent us over the years, we asked ourselves...

"What would Rosie the Riveter make?"

From there it was clear... Armored Overalls.

So we made the toughest, cutest, and most protective pair of overalls on the planet: The Women's Boondocks.

These overalls come fully loaded with all the features you've asked us for in our other women's gear...

Armored protection to keep you safe from impacts. These have the same D3O®️ hip and knee armor you've seen in our Ironsides. It's proven to stop impacts and prevent broken bones in the places you want it most.

Loose fit for comfort and style. You don't wear a pair of overalls like you'd wear a pair of skinny jeans. Both have their place in your wardrobe.

We made sure that the Boondocks had a fit that was flattering and cute, yet comfortable. We also made sure to have sizes from 24 to 40 to provide the best range for all of our ladies. Check the size chart at the bottom of this blog.

Keeps your skin safe from road rash. Comes with the classic Dupont™ Kevlar® lining you know and love from all our jeans. Safety is always sexy.

Pockets, pockets, pockets. Just like your Riveter Riding Shirt, you get all the storage. You can never have enough secret places to hold your stuff.

Perfectly balances fit and flexibility. Loosen or tighten the shoulder straps to get a perfect fit around your torso. Elastic back straps let you grab your handle bars with ease.

Get yourself some Boondocks or get some for the ladies in your life that like to ride safely and in style. 

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