Wear and Tear

March 23, 2021 2 min read

Wear and Tear

Longevity of any garment varies from person to person. How often you wear it, where you wear it, what you put it through and how you take care of it all affect how long a garment can last.


The term, "wear and tear" comes from the garment industry because as we use clothing it literally wears and tears.

Normal wear and tear happens in common areas that are prone to wear. In pants, colors fade, crotches blow out, knees tear pockets and button holes get worn out too. In jackets and shirts elbows, shirt tails, buttons holes and snaps and buttons themselves are usually the first to show wear.

This is an example of normal crotch wear and tear.

Normally, the more you wear a garment, the faster it will become "distressed." This wear and tear gives our products character. Repairs done by good tailors or "denim doctors" can further prolong the life of a garment, allowing the piece to develop even more character!

Different bodies and movements will cause clothing to wear differently. Some peoples thighs touch when they walk and as a result develop holes in the crotch of their jeans. Others, like myself, are bowlegged. This saves my jeans but my turned out, duck feet make me ruin shoes super fast. Mechanics who spend a lot of time kneeling on gritty garage floors will blow out their knees faster than a desk jockey would.

To get an idea of what normal wear and tear looks like on high end garments HERE is a link to one of our favorite selvedge denim blogs.

Our garments are an investment, made with quality materials and craftsmanship. Regular upkeep, following care instructions, and occasional repairs will help you get even more out of our jeans and jackets. Every line, hole and fade is part of your story, wear your story with pride.

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